Saturday, May 19, 2012


My first entry ever for Illustration Friday. The topic is SIGHT and yes I know. Techically it's a sewing, not a painting.

This illustration friday thing is superb:

1. it gives YOU an oppportunity to laugh you pants of reading my excellent English ( I KONOWW!!! IT IS GOOD!  Wonder where spell cheker is.)

2. it gives me an opportunity to clear the air: I AM NOT drooling over this PRisonBreak thingy. Nope. Not me.   And if I was....If I had watched it in 2006, I am sure it would be all over by now.

3. I can make some subtle promo for the latest Prostočasnik issue: The tatooed man was made by me and by best seamstress ever, VIVI as part of the "Cute doll" article. Out any day now.

Eagerly awaiting your grammatical instructions,


yemamaya said...

wicked. :D
prisonberak in emboroidery and applique. maybe you could try crossstiches or crocheting it out also? the themes go together something wonderfull. :) luv it!

Frišna said...

HOW DO YOU doing a macrame homage!

alcessa said...

WOW ... I wish I was able to ... crochet a hearse with Michael C. Hall and Peter Krause in front of it ... ERRR ... High time to go on. Okay.

I wish I was able to knit a bleeding Mark Antony.

Or something. Have a nice weekend, ladiez! :-)

Zulejka said...

Ah, ne bom se trudila z angleštino, ampak tole je KUL:) bi mela na steni. al pa v postli. al za kam je?:)

matilda said...

zelejka, to so besede!:D
hmmm, za v postlo...dva potetovirana z boškarinovimi temeni...nope, grazie.
za na steno...jess, če bi bila v najmodenješem zaporu v deželici nasproti koprske Supernove...mejbebejbe
za kam drugam...hmjas, za v doto, med izvezene brisačke, naštikane pouštere, pod senčnico v Savudriji...jahhh, tamle ju vidim, kako mi pripravljata čevape in sipaa šljivu v krstalni kozarček;) oh, da!
Frišna, tvoja drznost me navdušuje!